Greater Kansas City Officials Association - Kansas City, Missouri


Volleyball Crew Chief Guidelines

Volleyall Tournament Crew Chief Guidelines

  1. Contact host school 2 weeks prior to tournament to secure details—number of courts, hospitality room, start time, administrator on duty, etc. Please also determine if abbreviated bracket matches will be used (non-varsity only).
  2. Contact David Thompson (JV and V tourneys) or Don Gard (all underclass tourneys) to determine partners, rotation, working finals, potential Line Judges for finals, etc.
  3. Contact entire crew 1 week prior to tourney to confirm their presence, arrival and start times, details on partners, etc.
  4. Ask each official to report back to you with the correct number of pool and bracket matches s/he worked. Please report this info to the Athletic Director or school costact person so that s/he may provide proper payment.
  5. If there are any changes from what shows on Arbiter, please report immediately to David/Don so that adjustments may be made.
  6. Meet with officials prior to the tournament to go over ground rules, safety issues, location of restrooms and hospitality room, administrator on duty.
  7. Have a great time with your fellow officials.