Greater Kansas City Officials Association - Kansas City, Missouri


Basketball Policies and Procedures

Please read and follow the procedures and responsibilities listed below for which you are accountable for during the current basketball season. If procedures are not followed, severe consequences may result.

  1. You will receive your basketball schedule via – ArbiterSports.  Responsibility lies with you to insure that everything is correct on ArbiterSports about yourself (e-mail, address, all phone numbers, etc). If needed please correct. Always keep your availability up-to-date on the calendar located within ArbiterSports.
  2. If you cannot work any assignment during the season, you will have to notify either Keith Fowler or Phil Griffin. Call as soon as you know. If morning of the game,call by 7:00 AM. Do not find a replacement on your own. You may reach Keith Fowler in one of the following ways:
    • Call my cell phone first (816-665-8130) and if needed leave a message. If unable to reach me call my home phone (816-587-3191).
    • If you can't reach Keith Fowler please call Phil Griffin at 816-728-5659
  3. Call the school two days prior to your game to insure that you have the correct date, time, and facility for your ballgame.
  4. If you miss one unexcused game assignment which you received from the GKCOA you will be placed on probation for the basketball season. Miss two unexecused game assignments in the basketball season, and the GKCOA Board of Directors will dismiss you from your remaining games and all basketball contracts will be voided. In addition to being placed on probation, you will be fined $5.00 plus the contracted or agreed upon game fee amount. This amount will be payable to the GKCOA. Failure to pay game assignment penalty will allow the GKCOA Board of Directors to dismiss you from the association.
  5. Officials should not have a personal connection or contact with any of the schools assigned to you. All officials must be properly registered with MSHSAA, attend all State meetings, pass State exams, current yearly payment of local association dues, and be in good standings with MSHSAA and the Greater Kansas City Officials Association.
  6. Notify me immediately if you have any problems involving conduct with coaches, players,spectators or a fight in your game and remember to fill out proper forms onMSHSAA Web site –

"Work hard, have fun, but most of all be PROFESSIONAL."

Keith Fowler

Cell: 816-587-3191
Home: 816-665-8130