Greater Kansas City Officials Association - Kansas City, Missouri


Softball/Baseball Meeting Dates

2019-20 Meeting Dates

July 18th:  General Meeting For Baseball and Softball 7 PM at Winnetonka High School Cafeteria.  Please enter through the new entrance on the west side (track side).  This meeting should not last long.  This will be a chance to distribute some general information and meet and greet.

August 10th:  Softball Umpires Rules and Field Clinic 8 AM to Noon at Winnetonka High School.  We will be discussing softball rules in the first session, focusing on pitching, rules that are uniquely NFHS, and the differences between baseball and softball and differences between NFHS and ASA/U-Trip.  The second session we will be using the Winnetonka softball field to work on field mechanics.  It is not necessary to dress in uniform, but we will be running around the field, so dress appropriately.  If you have less than 3 years experience or a rating of 2.5 or higher, this will be very beneficial.

August 15th:  Season Prep Meeting: 7 PM at the Pavilion at Adair Park.  We will just do a preseason check to make sure we're ready for the start of the high school season.  This meeting should last no longer than an hour.